Food Grade Material Filter Kettle

Food Grade Material Filter Kettle


The food-grade material filter kettle uses activated carbon filtration to provide you with fresh and pure drinking water.

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Colour: White
Capacity: 100oz
Filter: Activated Carbon
Filter life: 2 months
Water Temperature: 41℉-100.4℉

Made of food-grade safety materials, it is non-toxic, odorless and harmless, ensuring the health and safety of the water you drink.

Made of durable materials, it is strong and durable and not easy to deform or age, ensuring that the product can be used stably for a long time.

Equipped with a high-quality activated carbon filter element, it can effectively remove odors and harmful substances in the water, providing you with pure-tasting drinking water.

The design is simple and easy to use, and the operation is convenient. The filter element replacement is quick and does not require professional skills. It can be completed easily, saving time and effort.

Applicable scene:

Daily drinking water for families
Offices, schools and other public places
Traveling, camping and other outdoor activities


Before first use, please fully clean and activate the kettle and filter element.
Please follow the instructions in the manual to replace the filter element regularly to ensure filtration effect and water quality.
Please do not exceed the water temperature beyond the applicable range to avoid affecting the product service life and filtration effect.

Package Contents:

Water filter kettle x 1
Filter element x 1
Instruction Manual x1

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 12 in





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